Walter Sisulu University WSU Courses Offered

By | July 16, 2023

Walter Sisulu University WSU Courses Offered

Walter Sisulu University WSU Courses Offered – Check Below:

Admission as a freshman takes into account a number of factors, including specific courses you completed in high school and your grades in those courses.

Please review all applicable requirements prior to applying for admission and pay the required fees.

Course offerings may vary each semester. Below is a comprehensive list of current and recent courses scheduled for the  2023/2024 academic year…

Undergraduate Courses Offered:

1.Bachelor of Accounting

2.Bachelor of Accounting Science (BCompt)

3.B Com (General)

4.Bachelor of Laws

5.B Tech: Cost and Management Accounting

6.B Tech: Public Management

7.B Tech: Marketing

8.B Tech: Journalism

9.B Tech: Internal Auditing

10.B Tech: Tourism Management

11.B Tech: Business Administration

12.B Tech: Human Resources Management

13.B Tech: Management

14.B Admin (Honours)

15.B Com Honours (Business Management)

16.B Com Honours (Economics)

17.B Tech: Public Relations Management

18.B Tech: Office Management and Technology

19.BEd (FET) Natural Sciences

20.BEd (FET) Economic and Management Sciences Education

21.BEd (FET) Consumer Science Education

22.BEd (FET) Technology Education

23.Bachelor of Social Sciences

24.Bachelor of Arts

25.BEd (FET) Arts and Culture Education

26.BCur (Basic)

27.Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

28.Bachelor of Nursing

29.BSc Health Promotion (Allied Health Professions)

30.Bachelor of Medical Clinical Practice (Medicine)

31.Bachelor of Social Work (Allied Health Professions)

32.Bachelor of Medical Sciences

33.BSc: Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Zoology

34.BSc: Environmental Science

35.B.Tech: Chemistry



1.National Diploma: Tourism Management,

2.National Diploma: Taxation

3.National Diploma: Accountancy

4.National Diploma: Financial Information Systems

5.National Diploma: Local Government Finance

6.National Diploma: Internal Auditing

7.National Diploma: Marketing

8.National Diploma: Small Business Management

9.National Diploma:  Sport Management

10.National Higher Certificate: Financial Information Systems

11.National Diploma: Office Management and Technology

12.National Diploma: Management of Training

13.National Diploma: Human Resources Management

14.National Diploma: Management

15.National Diploma: Administrative Management

16.National Diploma: Public Management

17.National Diploma: Hospitality Management

18.National Diploma: Journalism

19.National Diploma in Policing

20.National Diploma: Analytical Chemistry

21.National Diploma: Information Technology

22.National Diploma: Mechanical Engineering

23.National Diploma: Electrical Engineering


Postgraduate Courses Offered:

1.Master of Public Administration

2.Master of Commerce (MCom)

3.Master of Medicine in Family Medicine

4.MSc in Chemical Pathology

5.Master of Nursing

6.MSc in Physiological Sciences

7.Master of Public Health

8.Master of Medicine in Medicine

9.Master of Arts

10.Master of Laws

11.Master of Science in Botany

12.Master of Science in Zoology

13.Master of Science in Chemistry

14.Master of Science in Geography

15.Doctor of Education (DEd)

16.Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences

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For more information and enquiries, contact the Walter Sisulu University below:

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