Waiting for more waiting.

The title might be a little confused, but after reading my previous story you may understand the actual reality of it. Today I received word back from Wake Forest University that I’ve been deferred. I mean, just like any other college student who might have been told they would have to wait an additional four months to hear back word if they were going to go to college where they want, I’m a little upset. But I suppose I have to step back and take a look at it. I did everything I could and spent every ounce of effort that I could to get myself to be an appealing applicant so maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

So now, what once was thought to be over with, has started back up again. More college applications, essays, and more are going to be filling up my Christmas break. The Christmas break that I was going to use to lick my wounds after the rough mandatory exam schedule. Oh well, is all I have to say, now off for more college huntin’…

Food for thought: If a similar situation happened to you, was it a good thing or what you still think to be a bad thing?

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