Use Instagram video to power up your social media!

The blogosphere is buzzing about Instagram’s latest update – video. This feature offers so many new opportunities to express, capture, and share. Instagram video offers some great features that, in my opinion, will put it way ahead of Vine. Let’s take a look at the list:

  • Up to 15 seconds of recording (almost double Vine’s)
  • 13 filters (Vine has none)
  • Cover photo selection for your videos (Vine has none)
  • Cinema – image stabilization (Vine has none)
  • Integrated seamlessly into Instagram’s existing platform (and userbase)

Think about the new opportunities that Instagram videos can do to power up your social media strategy! You can post snippets of products in action, customers using your products or services, supershort how-to videos, and other kinds of conversations. The cross-functionality is great here. What if one of your customers on Twitter has a problem or complaint with a feature on your Widget? You could post a video response on how to resolve the issue through Instagram that posts to Twitter to address it. How neat! And because you get almost double the amount of time as you would with Vine, you can get a little more information in the 15 second allotment. The storytelling power of Instagram just doubled itself overnight!

It’s much to early to say whether or not Instagram’s offering will hamstring Vine, or if they’ll both continue doing what they do best. I personally believe that because Instagram is already so popular it has a significant advantage over Vine from the get-go. However, there are some criticisms emerging that by offering video, Instagram might be diluting its core product. What do you think?

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