Use Facebook to increase productivity in teams.

Facebook is a lot of things to a lot of people. It lets us stay in touch with family and friends, feign interesting lifestyles, and waste countless hours playing silly browser games. But, Facebook is not just the time sink that some people claim it to be. You can also use it to increase productivity amongst groups and teams by using the group feature to organize and communicate with your team members. During my college tenure, I vigorously adopted Facebook’s group feature to communicate with my fellow classmates on group projects, studying, and reminding each other of deadlines. It was also great for networking purposes, and I was also fortunate enough to make some lifelong friends throughout my studies.

Facebook groups offers some very powerful features, and I wonder if many people have thought about how they can be used in a group, project, or work environment to improve communications, productivity, and accountability. Here are the features that I relied on the most throughout our various projects and research.

  • Instant chat communication
  • A viewable log of activity and contribution
  • Customizable notifications
  • Share photos, video, and files of all types
  • Take polls to vote on a topic or issue
  • Create events
  • Upload a cover photo for group uniqueness/unity

There are some other benefits aside from just the features listed. Not having massive email strings to keep track of is one of the biggest. The accessibility of the group is also very convenient; you can check the page through your laptop or smartphone. Facebook groups also allow you to see who actually saw each post. It’s more difficult to claim “I never got the message” when everyone can see that they had. Using the group as a collective brainstorming session can make your group more productive, being able to ping ideas back and forth off each other, offer critiques, and constructive feedback. I know personally there were quite a few times when I had an interesting idea that I posted immediately to Facebook from my iPhone, simply because I didn’t want to forget it! There was also a time during a particularly challenging project where I got lumped with a large amount of work. I reached out to my team members, and they were willing and able to help me with the load. When used correctly, Facebook groups can help streamline group or project communications, and should definitely be considered for teams wanting to remain agile and eliminate annoying email chains and vicarious text messaging. All the features you need are available in one neat package!

Setting up a new group is incredibly easy!

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