Top College Movies

Let’s face it, if you search top college movies, you are always going to see Old School.  Yeah, there may be Animal House on some older lists but Old School is by far the best college movie in our generation.  Old School with Will Ferrell displays the party life about colleges that may be fantasy to some but reality for the majority of college students these days.  (Especially at West Virginia University and Slippery Rock, both VERY big party schools).

However, another good college movie that I like is National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.  Many people really haven’t had a chance to catch this one as it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster.  The main character is the kind of guy every one tries to be like in the sense he is pretty much THE man.  The party planner, go’er, and of course, never studies.  His rivals are the preppy fraternity in which he plays nasty pranks involving bulldog semen among many other things.  If you haven’t seen Van Wilder, don’t let the dog semen drive you away, definitely check it out!

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