Top 10 Overlooked Items To Bring To College

After looking over a few lists myself, I have compiled the ten best items that are most commonly overlooked when going to college. I definitely recommend printing this out as a checklist when you go shopping or when you are packing things up.

1. Scissors – This kind of a no-brainer but it’s always good to have multiple pairs of scissors in your room. Stealing a pair from the house usually won’t work so make sure you grab multiple pairs from the store.

2. Ear plugs – This one is one of my favorites and although I’ve never really worn earplugs before outside of when they were necessary, it seems like they would be pretty useful. Why? Well, sleeping and studying are too arduous tasks to complete when you have noisy roommates or loud music blaring down the hall.

3. Power strips and adapters – You can never assume there’s going to be enough plug-ins for your vital gadgets. That is, unless you don’t mind switching out four different plugs and never being able to use two items at the same time. Computer, iPod, cell phone, camera, stereo, and that’s just YOUR stuff, your roommate probably has all of the above as well.

4. USB “thumb” drive – Flash drives are something that have become fairly cheap recently and they are SO useful in the education atmosphere for transferring assignments and pictures. You can grab a 1GB or 2GB flash drive for less than $50 and sometimes less than $30.

5. Flip flops – If you are going to a university that is usually warm year round, there isn’t a chance you’ve forgotten it but if you are going to a university that isn’t exactly known to be a heatwave, then you can’t forget flip flop sandals. Flip flops are good for dodging the millions of germs your feet are exposed to when you head to the bathroom or shower.

6. Bathroom carrying case – I know you don’t want to have to juggle your shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hair gel on your trip to the bathroom at 7 AM so make it easier with just a little case to carry all this junk in.

7. Air freshener – No, I’m not talking about spraying your AXE body spray and having to gasp for air for the next 15 minutes. I’m talking about a nice air freshener that cancels out your laundry that you are too lazy to do from last week.

8. Stapler – One of the most common things everyone talks about in college is having to do research papers. 5, 10, 15 page essays for classes is said to be uncommon. What if you were to lose half of that essay when you turned it in? What about just ONE page? It’d probably be an “F”. If you spend many stressful hours on your papers, do the smart thing and just staple it.

9. Vitamins – I’m not one for taking vitamins, I never really have but I’ve always been recommended it and it really makes sense. The majority of college students don’t find the time to head down to the cafeteria and grab all the food groups they need as suggested by the pyramid of nutrition. Vitamins with pizza, Ramon noodles, and Mac and Cheese a little better meal.

10. Printer – Usually this isn’t something most people forget but it’s definitely something you shouldn’t overlook. Yeah, you could rely on the library printer and run the half mile to it almost every week but why? Printers are around $100 and in college stores they are usually discounted so you can grab a simple one and never have to worry about it again!

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