Should you be life hacking?

I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness as of late. Being present in the moment. It’s been a fantastic way to bolster energy throughout the day and increase overall happiness.

Because of this, I wondered while reading through my life hack Twitter list if I should really have a need be ‘life hacking.’ I thought, “shouldn’t we try to be present and mindful of every moment as it is, or do we search for ways to make it the most efficient moment as possible? Are we looking to make ourselves hyper-effcient? To what end?”

I’m all for constant improvement, as long as it makes sense and is meaningful. Conversely, learning how to better manage a job you hate is a very poor investment.

This quote rings true to the very core of being truly productive. It makes absolutely no sense to do the things you hate doing better. Even mundane and boring tasks, such as paying bills, can be automated or hacked to free up time for bigger and better things.

Like anyone, I want to do more of the things I want to do and less of the things I don’t. If I can hack things I don’t like, then there’s more room for the things I do. It doesn’t stop there, though. Being as efficient and effective as possible doing the things that matter most is one of the best life hacks you can do.

Here’s one of my favorite coffee hacks I use to boost energy and focus. I’m also a huge fan of nootropics for increasing my capacity for focus and creativity.

What do you think? Do you feel a need to improve efficiency for efficiency’s sake, to get more work done, or do more of the things you want to do? Favorite life hack?

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