Penultimate, one of the best handwriting apps for iPad gets even better!

It’s no question that Evernote’s acquisition of handwriting app, Penultimate, was a great strategic move. Evernote has been aggressive in acquiring companies and apps that play well with it’s note storing software, and growing them in a way that enhances the utility of Evernote. Evernote is, hands down, one of my favorite applications. I use it religiously, storing school notes, web articles, images, PDF’s, anything I might need access to or remember.

Penultimate is one of the most fluid, easy to use, and accurate handwriting software I’ve ever used. I traditionally stayed away from handwriting/drawing software because I them awkward and cumbersome, but Penultimate (coupled with a good soft-tipped stylus I found at Radioshack) quickly changed my mind.

Penultimate reveals text search in handwritten notes!

Penultimate now expands its utility within Evernote by allowing you to search for words in your handwritten notes! How cool is that?  For those who enjoy hand writing notes instead of typing away furiously on a digital keyboard, this is a great new feature. I like being able to draw diagrams, write side notes, or draw arrows when writing things down. Being able to sketch out ideas, mind mapping, or other ways of expressing ideas, then having those documents searchable is a huge boon for any Penultimate/Evernote power user.

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