My meringue masterclass

According to The Meringue Girls, it is not just the technology industry that is subject to constant upgrades and modernisation, the age-old, quintessentially English tradition of Afternoon Tea is, too. Say ‘too-da-loo’ to scones laden with clotted cream, miniature meringues are the way forward. I went along to one of the girls’ meringue classes in Hackney, with the intention of mastering the art of creating beautiful, deliciously flavoured ‘meringue kisses’.

Held at Meringue Girl HQ in their warehouse kitchen space, it was an evening affair and, as our group of eight hurried inside one-by-one to escape the rainy October weather, we were welcomed with glasses of Prosecco, a table filled with savoury snacks and, of course, a menagerie of meringues.

It was an incredibly well organised event run by the girls themselves. Their knowledge and experience in all things meringue was made clear as they were circling the kitchen ensuring our mixture was ok, stopping at each meringue-making-station for a little chat. But I would challenge anyone who doesn’t need hands-on-help from the experts. It’s an art that is not easy to replicate – their recipe relies on impeccable timing and uses a very particular piping technique.

Having made the perfect meringue-mixture, we were let loose on their impressive collection of flavourings and toppings. I went for a lemon and strawberry meringue, swirling pink and yellow food colouring through the bright white mixture and secondly a lavender flavour meringue with purple food colouring and peanut sprinkles. I’m going to be honest and admit that the lavender and peanut flavour meringues were quite revolting and I definitely didn’t discover a new, innovative flavour combination there. Nevertheless, I returned home with boxes and boxes piled high with beautiful sugary treats.

I have since tried making the meringues at home with great success. I made rose and pistachio flavoured ones which had pale pink colouring pulled through and sprinkled with crushed pistachio nuts and then violet flavoured meringues which were meant to be a pretty pale lilac colour but turned out to be a bright indigo.

If you’d like to try your hand at making these gorgeous meringues, I would recommend investing in a silicone baking mat (I got mine from Lakeland Limited) and also Two Chicks’ egg whites in a carton (you can get these in most large supermarkets and they can be frozen for up to two years- so when you find some – stock up!).

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