Lesson Learned For College Football Fans

I’ll tell you what, being a West Virginia Mountaineer football really is tough.  If anyone caught the game a week or two ago, we were up against a Pitt opponent that was the only thing that stood between us and the national championship.  The Mountaineers were a one loss team and championship bound and Pitt was 4-7, going nowhere but home after the game.

But here’s where the lesson was learned.  A lot of die hard Mountaineer fans had purchased travel packages and airplane tickets to New Orleans before the game was set in stone.  The clincher is that most of these packages are non-refundable.  So I don’t know what was more sour, losing to 4-7 Panthers or having to eat a $3000 trip for four.  It seems like Christmas might have disappeared in thin air for those people.

Take my advice, don’t try to be ahead of the crowd when trying to buy bowl tickets no matter how big of a die hard college football fan you are as a college student.  Let’s face it, if it were a college student who had to eat $3000, he may not be a fan anymore.

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