Less Competitive Schools Faster?

In waiting for my schools to reply back about my application, I haven’t had much thought about college.  I’ve tried to forget about it and I’m sorry to neglect my readers who stumble on me but, hey, if they’re waiting too, I’m sure they want it to go by faster as well so they don’t want to talk about it.

Anyway,  I’ve noticed after applying in December, I’m starting to hear back from a couple of schools.   You might think that because they are less competitive, they have more applicants but to be honest, I think these two among the other 5 or 6 I applied to have the most applicants.  The less competitive schools evidently let me know a lot faster than the other competitive schools.  Good because I can be considered for scholarships for the ones I wouldn’t normally go to, and bad because it makes that 2-3 month wait for the other colleges that much more agonizing.

I hate when people ask, “Well, where are you heading for college?”.  You really don’t want to go into the labyrinth of “what if’s” you have on your mind or even mention the fact you got into 2 schools already.  If you say you got into those two schools, the person you are talking to automatically thinks that you are packed up and rearing to go there for some odd reason.  Maybe that’s just my interpretation… On the other hand, if you tell them your “dream” school that you haven’t heard back from yet and you don’t get in… Then, you are labeled as going there for the rest of your life until that is, that awkward moment comes a long when you find yourself having to correct that person about where you are going.

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