Lancashire living

Spending my days exploring the depths of the Lancashire countryside and my evenings knitting and enjoying long chats with my Grandma, I am settling into Lancashire living just nicely.  Boarding with my Grandma for two weeks while on a feature-writing placement at a magazine here, the rolling countryside and slow pace of living make a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of my placements in London.

I’ve been coming to Lancashire to visit family since I can remember and, while I love to revisit my old favourite spots, I’m curious to see where my feature research will take me and excited to discover more places in the area.

First on my list, Lytham; a seaside destination with character and a charming seventeenth century windmill which, set against the backdrop of the North West coastline, welcomes you into the town. I stumbled across  the department store, Stringers; a very traditional, independent department store bringing the grandeur and sophistication of Harrods to the quaint seaside town of Lytham. I was pleased to pick up some tasteful games and badges for my sister’s baby shower, which is coming up at the end of September, before following the little lanes lined with overgrown hedgerow, back to my Grandma’s cottage.

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