How to Prepare Tom Brown Porridge

By | September 7, 2022

How to Prepare Tom Brown Porridge

How to Prepare Tom Brown Porridge – Check below the detailed procedure on how to make the tastiest Tom Brown Porridge Recipe:


  1. Half cup of Tom brown flour
  2. Water
  3. Sugar
  4. Pinch of salt to taste
  5. Milk

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  1. Put to a boil half cup of  water.
  2. Mix the tom brown flour with little water to form a smooth but thick paste.
  3. Add a pinch of salt to taste and stir.
  4. Pour the paste into the boiling water.
  5. Stir continuously until it becomes thick.
  6. Add a little water if it’s too thick to lighten it.
  7. Once the thickness is to your preference, leave it on fire for about two minutes.
  8. Now add sugar to taste.
  9. Remove from fire and serve with some milk.

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