How Many Tech Gadgets (and Brands) Do You Use in One Day?

As a freelance writer with many clients and an awesome team of writers working with me, each day I grab my Samsung Galaxy SIII (in case a writer or client emails me and I need to respond ASAP), pop open my Lenovo laptop with my new cooling pad to protect my magic machine from getting too hot, and try and find the Apple TV controller in case I downloaded a rental I forgot to watch—I often grab the Wii controller instead which frustrates me! Some days, I start with a cup of coffee made from my Keurig coffeemaker along with my Amazon Kindle with 3G and Wi-Fi—because one can never get enough of F. Scott Fitzgerald right?
Very often, I turn on my Bose Series III to listen to music, or if I can’t find the Bose controller, I can simply turn on either my DISH satellite or DirectTV and find many music stations. If you’re wondering why I have both DISH and DirectTV, it has to do with football—I can’t get all the Pittsburgh Steeler games on DISH in Austin Texas, but I can be a Super Fan on DirectTV so I never miss a game—that’s really being spoiled says my husband and he reminds me of being spoiled—a lot.
I think we all say we are brand dedicated, but if you really think about it, we use many, many brands. I think this year for Christmas I might just ask for a universal gadget technical manual.
I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere—one that doesn’t mean I have to download a .PDF file and print out 3,000 pages and waste my printer ink—oh yes did I mention I have a Canon and HP printer? The only easy-to-read user’s manual is the one that came with my Kindle because it’s much like reading a book and you can read two books at the same time with an Amazon Kindle—so that’s handy.
 In addition to my laptop, I have two PCs (one that’s strictly used to connect to our laptops to our network and printer) and one that just sits there and my techie guy George tells me—this is your “backup.” If you ever get a virus or malware or spyware on the main PC, switch to this one! No user’s manual came with our laptops or PCs.
Our techie guy George doesn’t allow us to keep our software here—it’s at his place locked safe and secure in a vault. He actually thinks we might lose our software if we do get infected and then need to reinstall! Maybe he fears one of our five dogs will find those DVDs tasty? So, when people ask me—do you have this or that program, while I say yes (which is true), it’s really not onsite so to speak. Come to think of it, my techie guy George probably has the DVDs for our laptops and PCs!
But I digress! I really hope there’s a person somewhere in this world who has indeed thought of creating a universal gadget technical manual.
I’m sure many of you would like one—sort of like those generic car repair manuals—only I guess this manual would be much bigger!
But my computer gadgets aren’t all I have! I have a Harmony Universal remote that connects to all my gadgets so I can turn everything on or off—it has a picture of my grandson Gabe on it so that’s nice. I have a Conair blow dryer and a John Frieda curling iron. I have six television sets—some are Sony and some are Samsung and one is an LG. There are only two of us that live in my home and why we need six TVs is beyond me—but you’d think we’d be dedicated to one brand.
I am loyal to my kitchen appliances—they are all General Electric and I like that but my garbage disposal is an Insinkerator because I think they’ve monopolized the market. We also have a lot of those cords that charge phones and such and ever since those in power dictated that all charging cords must be universal, I wonder what to do with all these extra cords (no don’t email and ask me to ship them to you because shipping is $25 a pop).
We even have backups for our Dish controller because the dogs have ruined two of them already. I have ceiling fans from Emerson and Casablanca. I have a Hoover and a Bissell because I need two vacuum cleaners since I have a two-story home.
Even my dogs are mixed up brands! I have two lab mixes, a pit mix, a chow mix and our little Pumpkin and we have no idea what she is but she acts like a border collie.
How many gadgets to you use each day and what brands are in your house? Come on Apple people, give it up—I know you’ve got gadgets that are of a different brand!

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