How Expensive is Social Media for Small Businesses?

Here at Don’t Have Time to Write, we understand many small business owners want and even have a website but they allow the website to sit, never attend to it and wonder why they’re paying a webhosting company each month!

Enter social media and all that it entails. Social media is about tweeting on Twitter, creating a Facebook Page and presence, being LinkedIn, pinning to Pinterest and above all, getting connected on Google+.

We bet you’re saying “I don’t have time to do all these things!” Or, maybe you assigned an employee who is already overwhelmed with work to take care of your social media only to find they never do anything. This is NOT the fault of the employee but you for handing them a task they have no time to complete.

If you handle social media on your own and it’s never updated—you aren’t being, well—social! You aren’t connecting to your target market. You aren’t building a brand and you’re certainly never going to be found on Page One of Google!

The Expense of Social Media

We took a gander around the Web looking for some social media companies offering to provide small business owners everything they need and were sort of surprised! Many of these companies charge a small business owner between $5,000 and $10,000 a month and in today’s economy, what small business owner has enough advertising dollars to shell out on hiring one of these companies?

It is true that social media venues are free to use. It’s also true most small business owners don’t have time to do it on their own (unless they want to invest all of their waking hours chained to their computer). Finally, trying to assign an employee who may already be wearing more than one hat to keep up with your company’s social media simply won’t work.

So, it’s back to how expensive social media is for the small business owner isn’t it?

Social Media Based on Creativity

Beyond tweeting and pinning and liking and posting on Facebook, social media does take a little knowledge.  Do you know who to follow on Twitter? Do you even have an industry blog?

All of these take some creativity and that’s where the sister team of Linda Richter and Jean Scheid of Don’t Have Time to Write can help your small business.

We have done it before. We know what we’re doing and we urge you to check out our client list including two large auto dealerships in Austin Texas!

 That’s where our social media based on creativity plans come in.

Plans Based on Needs

We hate websites that don’t offer pricing for their products don’t you? However, if we set prices in stone and charged every small business the same amount, we wouldn’t be able to build a customer base.

We realized we needed to listen to our customers and then offer pricing based on their needs. For example, some small business owners may be fine with Tweeting and staying LinkedIn. They may even keep their website up-to-date and have a great Facebook Page. Heck, they may already be on Google+!

So, what are they missing? Perhaps this small business only requires a daily or weekly blog to reach further into their community and around the Web but feel they are simply not creative enough to write the blog posts.

It wouldn’t be fair for Don’t Have Time to Write to charge $1,000 a month to a company that only requires five blog posts a month. It’s also important to remember our packages are based on YOUR needs because customer service is our #1 goal.

Be Creative With Us

Let us help you gain the reach you want because technology isn’t going away. In fact, more and more people are accessing Web pages, QR codes (do you have one) and even blogs and making product purchases right from their smartphones and tablets.

Contact us and let us show you how in just one month, we promise you an increase in page views and a return on your investment!

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