Fight Off Senioritis!

As a high school senior myself, I’ve noticed a lack of drive and motivation in my school studies and I consider it pretty much subconsciously.  I don’t want to slack off as much as everyone else but I just can’t help but be a little lazy after being through 3.5 years of private school.   I’ve been fighting off “senioritis” myself after someone told me a unique situation that happened to them.

One of my friends was accepted into Duke University 2 years ago early decision in the first semester.  At her school, you have something called “senior lock-out”.  It basically means you get to leave school after 2 periods/classes around 12:15 or so.  I personally don’t have it at my school or know how common it is but this is just an example.  Anyway, Duke was evidently aware of some high schools having this and they hated it.  My friend was accepted in the first semester so in the second semester she was developing her schedule and decided to be an intern of some sort at a local doctor’s office.  However, on her schedule, it said that she had senior lock-out and got out at 12.  Duke contacted her and was very displeased with her having senior lock-out and I interpreted it as they were reconsidering her acceptance, not knowing she was doing intern type work.

The reports you send in after your acceptance have a lot of weight at some colleges so just make sure Basketweaving and Physical Education don’t replace Physics and AP English in the second semester.  Even  if you don’t change classes, always shoot for the same grades you have in the past.  I know it’s easier said than done but if you plan on going to a quality college, I’m sure they will be looking at what you’ve done as a senior after you thought you were home-free.

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