Favorite Productivity Apps: Buffer

After the past month using only the iPad, I honed in on what apps allow me to stay productive. I’m nerd-level minimalist, so I only keep apps related to my workflow, provide great utilities, or are games. I mean books.

I want to share favorites from my personal “productivity apps suite” of apps that have proven themselves to be capable and dependable. I choose apps due to their stability, their functions related to my workflow, and synergies with other applications. Also sometimes because of their looks. I love a clean aesthetic, so sue me.

Today’s Favorite Productive App



I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It’s great for reaching audiences and sharing content. I find it tedious to post to numerous accounts, and Hootsuite feels too “clunky” for my liking. Buffer makes it incredibly simple (and fun!) to share content across different social sites from all my devices and posts content on a schedule that I created based on peak posting times.

And it’s  even better with a new native iPad app and extension integration, fitting even more tightly into my workflow. Simply put, Buffer makes sharing great content and building your audience not only a productive, but pleasant experience. Now that the native iPad app and iOS8 extensions have been released, I plan on upgrading to their “Awesome” service and taking full advantage of these features.

favorite productivity app - buffer

favorite productivity apps - buffer









If you’re like me and love sharing content, you want it easy, fast, and fun. #willavoidoffcolorjokes #tryingtobeprofessional Buffer is definitely your app. Get it!

PS. In full transparency, I just wanted to mention that I’m not affiliated with Buffer in any way outside of loving their app and do not receive any compensation for gushing.

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