College Chances, Anyone?

After visiting, a forum for current and prospective college students, I noticed that there were a lot of topics asking for “chances” to colleges. At first I was a little confused how this is even relevant since I didn’t think we had any admissions staff amongst us atleast publicly… Well, basically just anyone can “chance” you based on their interpretation or experiences. In other words, if someone’s friend who had a 32 ACT and 4.5 GPA didn’t get into Duke, one might say you won’t if you have lower numbers. It kind of seems like either a confidence killer or a confidence booster. I’ve seen a lot of students even to go as far as not applying based on a few amateur “chances”… which is nuts.

I think that it’s okay to do chances because sometimes people will make a quality post and show their reasoning but I don’t think it should be taken very seriously. It’s kind of like when you see someone post their picture on a website and ask people to “rate them” on a scale of 1-10. If people rate them 10, then they are happy, but if people rate them lower then it’s an instant confidence killer for really no reason at all.

Anyway, I came across this interesting website that actually does “professional” college chances. I’m seriously thinking of trying out just one school to see how it goes so if I do that then I will definitely post. One college chance report is $16.50, so at that price, they must be doing something right. In their FAQ, I found this interesting little piece:

“For the high school class of 2002 our predictions were 96.7% accurate. For the class of 2003 our accuracy increased to 98.2%. In 2004-2005, our accuracy improved slightly to 98.4%. In 2006, our accuracy dipped to 87.4% as a result of the new SAT Writing. We continue to stay abreast of the latest admissions news and are keenly aware of any college’s changes in academic and admissions policies. We consistently research and analyze data and statistics to provide our clients with the most precise predictions available anywhere.”

Intriguing. Just don’t let your obsessive parents see it, don’t want them to blow all their Christmas money on admissions fees and chances reports. Let me know if anyone tries it or has tried it out with a similar service in the past. I’m off to do some researching to find out just how reliable these “professionals” are.

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