Austin Auto Dealers Looking for Bloggers and Social Media Experts!

Are you an Austin Auto Dealer and looking for bloggers to write daily blog posts?  At Don’t Have Time to Write, the sister team of Jean Scheid and Linda Richter can help!

We often find the social media and blogging is given as a task to one of the dealership’s Internet sales team. Unfortunately, these folks may be able to sell tons on vehicles on the Internet but are lost on social media and blogging. That’s where we come in. And, we sign strict confidentiality agreements with our clients so you can rest assured your website, social media and blog passwords are kept confidential!

Our Experience

Right off the bat we’ll tell you we already write blogs for two dealerships right in Austin (see our client list here). We know our stuff. Beyond that, Jean Scheid was a former co-owner of a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dealership in Taos New Mexico and a Ford Dealership in Las Vegas New Mexico—and we have access to almost every automaker’s media room!


Because we cater to the individual needs of each auto dealership in Austin we write blogs for, we don’t have set prices. You simply call us, tell us your needs and we develop the best blog and social media strategy for your dealership.

Yes, we also can take care of all your social media from Google+ to Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest to StumbleUpon to LinkedIn! And, we guarantee if you give us a month, we’ll show you results you’ll be pleased with all provided via Google Analytics.

SEO Is Dead

Unfortunately, with the entrance of Google Penguin and Panda algorithms, search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t what it used to be. Repeating keywords over and over again will make Google SKIP your website or blog, not find it.

Google wants original content, updated pages and timely posts and that’s our area of expertise.

How to Reach Us

If you are an auto dealership in Austin Texas, visit our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to meet with you in person or telephonically to determine your needs. Need just a blog—that’s fine. Need a blog and social media, we do that too!

What Your Manufacturer Is Saying

No matter what type of auto dealership franchise you own or manage, we’re pretty sure the manufacturer has inundated you with seminars, newsletters and emails about how important social media and blogging really are. And, EVERY customer that walks through you door IS an Internet customer—there are just too many websites like Edmunds and who offer the online information they seek before they visit your dealership.

Instead of potential customers turning to these types of websites, why not have them turn to your website for reviews, auto industry news, community and charitable events, recipes, things to do in town and hot topics?

Ready to get started? We thought so!

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