Are your current actions in line with your goals?

Are your current actions in line with your goals?

Every day we’re faced with decisions that compete for our attention. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the rapid succession of inputs that derail our best efforts to stay focused. When there’s a lot on our plate, how do we decide what deserves our attention?

It happens to me almost on a daily basis. When I get to this point, I look at what I’m doing and ask, “are my current actions in line with my goals?” I use the horizon method that David Allen suggests in Getting Things Done, but really it amounts to the goals and values you’ve set for yourself. By mapping out those things at all levels of your life, you have a strong guide to remind you of what’s really important and help guide your actions.

So how does one go about aligning their current actions with their goals? It starts with having a conversation with yourself and identifying what it is you stand for. What are your goals in life? What do you wish to achieve? Write it down!

Writing this out is a great exercise because it forces you to really think about these things on a deeper level. It gives you something to track your progress against and serves as your compass to point you in the right direction. In the best and worst times, it allows you to align to true North.

In everything you do, ask if your current actions are in line with your goals? If you do this, you will always stay on track.