Apple Wins, Samsung Sort of Wins and Consumers Are the Real Losers

It’s a happy day for copyright/patent lawyers everywhere; their pockets are a little fatter and with the appeal process those pockets will grow even larger. Of course, I’m talking about the Apple/Samsung smartphone battle.

In the United States a federal court declared Samsung “infringed on Six of Apple’s patents related to screen bounce back and zooming.”

Next jurisdiction up? Who knows and who cares?

Time-Tested Truths

The old saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” doesn’t mean copying your competitor is a bad thing. I remember when Chrysler came out with the PT Cruiser and not long after Chevrolet produced its HHR model—similar in front design for sure. Although both of these models are no longer produced, who really lost in this battle of similar “front ends?” I’d say the consumer for sure because they are no longer in the model line-up for either automaker. Too much “name-calling” turns off consumers and no sales means the vehicle simply goes to auto heaven.

Back to Apple and Samsung. I’m not an Apple person; I do enjoy my Apple TV, however. I understand how they want to be innovative on how all their products are interchangeable and can communicate with one another. I understand Apple’s goal to develop the highest of quality in technology. I even get the fact that Steve Jobs hated shut-off switches so Apple’s products are void of them.

What I don’t understand is why fight a battle over a smartphone instead of offering consumers healthy and competitive choices?

If You’re An Apple Person…

If you love Apple and purchase their products, you’re not going to run out and buy a Samsung Galaxy S III because you think it’s better. Apple folks, like my son-in-law are fond of saying “You too will be assimilated” but I’m not sure I want to be!

And, no one can totally be. Don’t believe me? So true to Apple you think you can be 100 percent Apple? If so, read my post on why it’s impossible for anyone to be dedicated to one tech manufacturer; you really can’t be.

Consumer Woes

The reality of these lawsuits is they will be appealed and appealed until only the attorneys are the winners. Samsung will still make smartphones, must-have HDTVs and loads of other techie stuff. Apple will continue to “innovate” until they reach the iPad2437! Neither of these companies is going anywhere and these lawsuits are only hurting consumer choices.

Recently, it was time to for a smartphone upgrade (I had an HTC Droid Incredible). So off I went to the Verizon Wireless store. Before I went I explored what top tech experts like PC Magazine and CNET thought about all smartphones. The big choice for them was the Samsung Galaxy S III so that’s what I bought. Sure they love the iPhone but in both of their reviews they pointed out “if you don’t want an iPhone” and I didn’t, “this Samsung is a smart choice.”

Hence, I am not an Apple or iPhone person so I bought the Samsung Galaxy. Do I sit in front of my computer looking at each feature of my new Samsung Galaxy phone and compare it to the iPhone in simulated-screenplay? Of course not. Do I call my son-in-law who has an Apple tattooed on his behind and say, “but my Samsung can do this?” Of course not. In fact, I like the phone because I like the phone; it simply that simple.

Take away Samsung models now and it only hurts the consumer—it stops healthy competition and enterprise. It makes consumers angry—it makes them stop buying brands that battle altogether.

On a final note, and I’m not trying to put Apple down in any way but their products are indeed priced within a range I cannot afford. I’d love to get a MacBook Pro ($2000+) or a MacBook Air (1700+) but because I can’t afford these products, when it’s time for my laptop to go to laptop heaven, I will be able to afford any of the Lenovo ThinkPads—all reasonably priced and there’s even one model for around $400 buckaroos! In fact, there are a lot of laptops models priced right, not just Lenovos. I’m not in love with any laptop model; I just want one that works and gets the job done.

If I would have purchased an iPhone for my upgrade, the price would have been well over $225+ so instead I opted for the $150 Samsung! It’s really that simple in the end.

For those who can afford Apple’s products, I say well good for you and yes they are innovative so go ahead and buy them. Just don’t inundate me with how Samsung cheated and Apple won big in this latest of lawsuits.

Don’t’ agree with me? So sue me!

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