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Time for a little seriousness, and trust me there’s nothing more serious than test scores if you are a prospective college student.    I took it for the first time as a senior and scored a 28 without studying or anything at all.  I took it 5 times after that and matched it or did worse on my scores.  I used Kaplan and a number of test preparations and I either did worse or the same at best.  The last time I took it in October, it was kind of just taken as a grain of salt.   I took it seriously though, don’t get me wrong.  I jumped 3 points to a 31, now I’m not bragging here so don’t think I’m some brat but I have thought of a few theories:

A.  The last ACT test was scored differently than the previous tests.  I didn’t think it was easier or that I did better on it by any means and everyone I’ve talked to has done significantly better. (A lot of people locally jumped 3 points)

B.  Test prepping can of course enable you to get a higher score but the majority of it is involved with how you THINK of the test.  If you go in there a nervous wreck, your concentration is going to be altered which results in a number of things.  A big part of the GOOD guides you read about ACT scores are trying to teach you how to take the test.    When you go into an ACT testing score or any test center for that matter, you have to stay calm out of all things and remember the following:

  •  This isn’t do or die, you can take this test as many times is its available.
  •   (Unlike SAT which shows all of your scores)
  • Guessing on questions does NOT hurt your overall score.

I’m no expert but the difference is that I’m not trying to sell you some expensive guide to teach you how to do well on the ACT.  I just had a first hand experience as to what I think works and I think that it will work for a lot of people if they truly listen to what I have to say and apply it for the next time they take the ACT test.  Good luck with your next test!

Discuss:  What do you think helps the most before a test? Do you have any weird rituals?

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