A lining of love

Enjoying ‘auntie-hood’ far too much, I finished a little project today that I have been working on for my two-week-old nephew. When my sister got married last summer, she chose a lovely Liberty print Tana Lawn fabric to be made into a tie for the groom, a sash for the little bridesmaid and a cummerbund for the page boy and the bridesmaid dresses. We’ve had the remnants of material lying around the house since the wedding and, this week, I put it to good use, as a soft, cotton lining inside a woolly jumper for the baby.

I didn’t have time to knit the jumper from scratch so I found this one in Zara Baby. Lining it was incredibly easy and it’s a really good way to add a personal touch if you lack the time or expertise to make something more extravagant. First, I cut a pattern of my jumper using tracing paper.

I then used the pattern to cut out the fabric, leaving about 2cm around each template – I ironed this down to make a hem which you can stitch into the jumper.

It takes a good few hours of careful hand-stitching but the result is definitely worth it. Not only does the lining spruce up a plain jumper, it also softens the garment so the woolly texture doesn’t scratch the skin. I’m tempted to line one of my own jumpers now!  (Perhaps with a different fabric before we start to resemble the Von Trapp family!)

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