7 College Tips

I got these college tips from my cousin and I think they are really good points to think about, let me know what you guys think!

“Having been 17/18 years old, having been to college, having been in the military, having had a few jobs, had kids, watched Clemson University students for 4 years-here are my words of wisdom:

1. Don’t feel like you have to “go wild” when you get to college. What I mean is having the attitude that you have to cram all the fun you think you need to have, during your college years.  Make that a priority and do it right the first time. If you don’t do well/flunk out/drop out, you WILL regret it later.

2. Act like you are somebody. Everyday, I see college kids that frankly I am not impressed with. They are lazy, sloppy and rude. Would they act like that around their parents/grandparents? My guess is probably not. If they did, I would smack their parents. Don’t disrespect yourself or family by acting like an idiot.

3. Get involved. First remember number one-you are going to college to get an education. Beer bongs don’t apply here.

4. Work hard, push yourself.  You are establishing habits that will stay with you for life. Make good choices.

5. Learn to manage your money. I know what your saying, “What money?” Make a budget with what you have. Learn to manage what you have. Learn to save. Have an emergency fund. Wouldn’t be nice not to be dependent on others? DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD. EVER! Live within your means.

6. Love and respect your parents.  Again, I see kids disrespect their parents with their words, thoughts and deeds. When/if you have kids, would you want them to act like you? Love them endlessly and thank them constantly.

7. Don’t do things that your peers talk/pressure you into.  You know right from wrong. That’s the dumbest line I have ever heard. “I’m young. I am supposed to make mistakes and act dumb.” What stupid has an age requirement now? Man. Show some maturity and some class. DON’T USE ALCOHOL AS AN EXCUSE. “

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