5 Great College Christmas Gifts

So you’ve already torn through all your presents only to find that you have some “practical” gifts that you are going to take to college.  No?  Well I know I did and that got me thinking… What are some great gifts that someone would give a college student.  It’s a little late for Christmas and maybe I should have posted this for prospective parents but oh well. Here we go…

5. A fan – C’mon, a big box fan from Big Lots for $5 is okay but you want something better if it’s going to be on 24/7 in a hot college dorm.  An alternative to this gift would be a nice heater if it’s cold all the time but usually dorms have heat and not air.  I was thinking of some type of fancy Ionic Breeze fan.

4. Mini fridge – Mini fridges are awesome and if you can lug them up to your college dormitory on moving day, then you will feel the reward for the next 4 years.  Most dorms have a mini fridge but yours might not… Might want to ask.

3. Printer –  Some colleges sell printers in the shop but sometimes you might not want to play inflated prices, right? A printer is VERY convenient when you don’t want to have to run down to the library to print something every time or have to borrow someone’s printer.  You never know when they might have class and you don’t and you have to bang on their door to use their printer… That’d be a real nightmare.

2. An iPod – Usually an iPod is the only thing that keeps a college student sane.   Listening to an iPod while walking those long distances between classes helps ease the pain of exercising, heh.

1. Cell Phone – A new cell phone is always a good idea when someone is about to take off to college.  Why?  Because chances are you are going to be stuck paying all those roaming charges if they are going anywhere farther than 20 miles from your house.  At least that’s what my home coverage area is.  How about combining 2 and 1 and getting an iPhone? *cough*cough*

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